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Important Rate Changes


Cancellation Charge

In the past, our customers have relied on our technicians to provide service to their systems and install new systems, which must be scheduled in advance unless it is deemed an emergency. However, there are times when upon their arrival either the customer has corrected the problem, has decided against having service, has neglected to make appropriate arrangements to have someone present during the designated appointment or have simply forgotten.

Our technicians work schedules are planned in advance and when an appointment is broken we endure costs and with the increase in gas, insurance and normal wear and tear on our vehicles we now must charge a cancellation fee for customers who miss their scheduled appointments. This fee is $25.00 for any non-cancelled appointment and will be billed to your account.

If you cannot make your appointment during the scheduled time, please call our office and cancel it within 24 hours or if you must cancel it the day of the appointment then we require notification prior to our technicians being dispatched, which are between the hours of 7:00 am to 8:00 am. You must page our emergency technician at: (301) 406-1916. Please allow 30 minutes for him or her to return your call. (Dial the pager #, after the tones have finished beeping, enter in your telephone number including the area code and press the # on your telephone)


Call us if you need to set up a service appointment at:

(301) 840-5420