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Once a system has been installed full security is not established until telephone monitoring has been put in place.  We offer full monitoring services whereas signals from the end-users alarm system are transmitted via local telephone lines to Alarm Watch, Inc. based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. For a modest fee the end-user can purchase 24 hour UL monitoring service that enables any operator receiving a signal to notify the owner or representatives of a business to a potential burglary, fire, medical or duress situation and to call upon the required support of local authorities.  The designated Police or Fire Departments are promptly notified and then able to respond to the location to offer necessary assistance.

We also offer monitoring services to systems installed by other security installation firms where possible. Contact our office for additional information on our monitoring services and rates.  The minimum term is currently six months or you may Уlock-inФ with lower rates for up to five years.

We also offer Уfree monitoringФ to existing  customers who refer their friends or family to us.

Once the installation is complete many of our customers enjoy free monitoring for many months just for referring someone they know. This is only one of the advantages that we as a family owned company are able to share with our customers Уour familyФ.

If you are interested in monitoring services, please feel free to email us with the type and model of your existing system.


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