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DSL Service



If you have a monitored alarm system and have purchased High Speed DSL internet access, offered through your telephone line since your alarm system was installed and you have not purchased a DSL filter or had one of our technicians out to install one, please read this notice which concerns the functioning of your alarm monitoring service.

Please follow the instructions outlined below to test your phone line and ensure that your DSL internet service does not interfere with your alarm monitoring service.


Call your monitoring station and give the operator your password and tell them to put your system on test for 60 minutes follow the steps below:

Turn on your computer and access the internet.

Notify everyone in your home or office that you are going to set off the alarm and will sound the sirens/speakers.

Arm your system to away and intentionally set off your alarm by opening several doors and windows. Remember to wait for your exit time to expire, which is usually 1 minute.

After the siren/speakers sound, wait 20-30 seconds and then disarm your system.

Call the monitoring station again, provide them with your password and ask if they have received any burglary signals from your alarm panel. If they have received the signals from the zones that were set off while you were on the internet then your system is working properly.

If the monitoring station did not receive any burglary signals repeat the test following the steps above.

If they still have not received any burglary signals after repeating the test, please contact our office IMMEDIATELY to schedule a service call the number provided below.


If you obtain internet service through your cable provider or are certain that your alarm system is on a telephone line separate from your DSL service you should still continue to test your alarm system with the monitoring station at least every quarter to ensure continuous service.

Please refer to the Customer Tips page for other information.




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