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Caddx NX8 Users


Scroll to the bottom for a users manual.

Arming your system

Close all protected windows and doors (your ready light will be on or flashing if all protected areas are secure) Enter your 4 digit user code to arm the system - the armed and exit lights will illuminate. You may now exit.

If your system will not arm, check to ensure that all protected areas are secure (closed). Check to make sure your power light on the keypad is on. If it is not on and your back-up battery has drained, you may have lost power. The back-up battery will not sustain your system for more than 48 hours, please contact us if power has resumed and your battery needs to be replaced.

Changing/Adding/Deleting User Codes

Press *5

Enter your master code (the ready light will flash after you enter your master code, if it does not you are not using the appropriate master code)

Enter the 3 digit user code (examples: user 3 is 003, user 6 is 006)

Enter the new or changed 4 digit user code

To delete a user code enter **** to delete it, try the code afterwards to make sure it has been deleted

If your code is rejected the sounder on the keypad will beep three times, retrace your steps

After your code has been changed, added or deleted press the # to exit the code programming mode.

Remember to try the code(s) you have either added, changed or deleted to ensure that the changes have been programmed successfully.

To View Alarm Memory

Press *3 - the last zones that were created from the last alarm will be flash on the keypad

A steadily lit zone on the keypad indicates bypassed zones

Reset Alarm

Smoke Alarms, trouble zones and tampered zones must be reset to do this disarm your system first, then press *7

If the keypad begins beeping, the system did not reset - enter your code to silence the keypad and then try again, if it continues to beep call our office to set up a service appointment.

Service Light

The service light will be on if your system requires attention, press the *2 to check for your problem - zone lights will illuminate as follows:

Light #

1 - System Fault (Press the 1 key) the zone lights that are illuminated correspond to a different system fault) Please call our office and have the fault number available so that we can further assist you.

2 - Zone Tamper (Press the 2 key) the zone that has been tampered will illuminate, press the # sign to return to the 1-8 service lights. Check the zone to make sure that all sensors are fully attached to windows or doors and that covers have not been removed or damaged on other devices, such as motion detectors of glass breaks.

3 - Zone Low Battery (Press the 3 key) this will only apply to devices that are wireless and require a battery, press the # key to return to the 1-8 service lights. If you need help on how to replace your battery, please contact our office.

4 - Zone Loss of Supervision (Press the 4 key) this will also only apply to wireless devices, press the # key to return to the 1-8 service lights. Contact our office if the problems does not clear for further assistance.

5 - Zone Trouble (Press the 5 key) and any zones that have reported a trouble will illuminate, press the # key to return to the 1-8 service lights. Contact our office if the problems does not clear for further assistance.

6 - Telephone Fault (Press the 6 key) 6 indicates telephone trouble or line cut, this will illuminate when your phone line has trouble on the line, which happens when you lose telephone service even if for a short while. If your service has resumed test your line by contacting the central station, putting your system on test after you identify yourself and arm your system to away and press and hold your emergency button on your keypad and open some of your instant zones - windows and doors without a delay. Disarm your system and call the central station back to ensure that your signals were received. If signals were not received and you have subscribed to DSL service that travels through your telephone line you must contact us to have a special filter installed. Please read more about DSL service here (this does not apply to internet service that travels through a cable company such as Comcast, Adelphia, etc. only to telephone provided DSL service.

7 (press the 7 key) if you have radio back up it has failed, please contact our office for further assistance.

8 - Loss of System Time - This light will illuminate when you loss power and your clock needs to be reset. Instructions are on page 15.

Press # key to exit the service mode.

If you cannot locate your manual you may print one here.