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Vista 10SE & VIA-30PSE

Problems Arming

If your system will not arm, check to ensure that all protected areas are secure (closed). On some keypads there is a POWER INDICATOR, instead of a green ready indicator, which is lit when AC power is present. If the indicator is off, tye system may still be operating, but on its back-up battery. Check to make sure your power light on the keypad is on. If it is not on and your back-up battery has drained, you may have lost power. The back-up battery will not sustain your system for more than 48 hours, please contact us if power has resumed and if after 48 hours and your low battery light is still lit. It may need to be replaced, the average life span of a panel battery is 4-5 years.

System Does Not Chime

If your system does not chime when opening windows or doors - you can correct this problem by locating the chime key on your keypad then enter your security code and press the CHIME key, to turn it off follow the same procedure. Check to make sure the chime mode is operatinb by opening several doors and windows

Changing/Adding/Deleting User Codes


Users manuals:

Vista 10, VIA30+

Vista 15

Vista 15/20P

Vista 20se

Vista 40

Vista 50P

Vista 4110 DL


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